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The University’s Letter to All the Faculty

February 05, 2020      Author:

The University’s Letter to All the Faculty

Dear Faculty,

The spring semester of SJTU will be postponed to later than the end of February 2020 in response to the recent outbreak of the epidemic caused by novel coronavirus. The university is urging all its faculty members to stay  and be prepared for teaching activities in the spring semester.

1. Preparation

The extended winter recess will offer a chance for faculty to equip with the knowledge and skills needed for distance learning and online teaching which is likely to be used in the beginning of the spring semester given the current situation.

2. Online Teaching

The university is making plans to help its faculty with online teaching in the spring semester by means of ZOOM, CANVAS and CNMOOC. All faculty members are advised to work in collaboration with the university Academics Affairs Division and the Graduate School as well as your own departments/schools to adjust to the new approaches and the quality of teaching is thus to be secured.

3. Graduation Guidance

For senior undergraduates, supervisors are advised to provide online written guidance for preparation of thesis projects. For graduate students, oral defense will be conducted through teleconference and the advisors are expected to review the manuscripts carefully to ensure good quality.

4. Distance Supervision

All faculty are duty-bound for the well-being of the students under his/her supervision. Faculty are encouraged to make full use of online technologies such as digital library and teleconference to supervise students in distance learning, researching and thesis writing. The University Internet Information Center and Library will offer technical support to facilitate such efforts.

Furthermore, all faculty members are expected to work from home, and actively involved in the assurance of the University’s teaching activities, academic researches, and social services.

Let’s work together to make the joint efforts of our entire University Community in tackling the current difficulties. We are confident that our faculty are capable of new ground breaking in terms of teaching and research under such a special circumstance.

Wish you and your families all the best.

Shanghai Jiao Tong University

February 5, 2020

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